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Default Things I'm trying at the moment

I'm sort of tip-toeing around my fitness campaign to make sure I'm strong enough and able to sustain some discipline. I've been an emotional wreck and failing at this would really mess me up, so I'm taking small risks, a little at a time. Not sure if this is a good idea, but, that's where I'm starting because it's what I can manage.

I'm walking every day, 45 minutes or more. Once I sort out some bureaucratic stuff in the next week, I'll be going to the gym 2 times a week to start, slowly moving up to 3 and then 4 times.

I've stopped putting sugar in my coffee and tea and reduced intake of caffeine from 6 cups to 2 cups in a day.

I'm trying to eat breakfast every day, just something small like wheat toast and by next week, I'll start adding eggs. I'm usually bad at this and eat one large meal late at night rather than spacing things out.

I'm tapering off of the bad snacks like candy. I eat candy or chips when I'm feeling sad. Lately, I've had lots of reasons for being sad. So, I'm trying to cut out this habit by being aware of what I'm consuming and tracking how often I'm able to resist my sugar addiction.

I'm taking phentermine as a diet aid. It helped my sister and it's helped me in the past, so I'm taking the risk and doing it.

And, I'm trying to limit the carbs I take in during a day and increase protein. I love salads and am having those for lunch, when I can be disciplined enough to eat lunch, and will add lean chicken or turkey once I manage to find a grocery store (moved in to a new place, no car atm, haven't found a grocer yet, so I've been buying lean cuisine from the corner market for 2 meals a day while I settle in).

I know this isn't an aggressive approach, but I'm hoping to take small steps so that I can keep up the change and stay committed. Advice or comments?
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