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S/C/G: 245/243/175

Height: 5'9"

Cool Hi from Lexi's world

DATE: 1-20-12

USERNAME/REAL NAME: Lexipain / alexia

AGE: 35

BIRTHDAY: 2-25-76

MARITAL STATUS: married (18yrs on 3-18-12)


CHILDREN/AGES: Corbin-13yrs , Courtney 7yrs , Maxwell 4yrs

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Sewing (repairs, cross stitch -old printed patterns done in new ways-clothes for my 4lb chihuahua), reading (the older and weirder the better, I have been known to read just about anything if left in a waiting room too long), plants(just started composting, going to try square foot gardening in the spring, lots of house plants), Kludging stuff (non standard repairs using available supplies), thrift shopping for that really cool find.

PETS: 3 dogs - rosie the before mentioned tiny one, Kita my husbands sulky long haired pooch, Martha our outside dog aka the escape artist or big brat. one house cat - Wall-E - who is very nearsighted and puffy, about 15 barn cats. Two finches named Beep and Meep. and two tanks of fish - one on the porch with big goldfish in it and one in the house with tiny schooling fish.

TOP WEIGHT: 249/5 (sadly only about a pound over current and that includes when I was pregnant)


GOAL WEIGHT: short term 199.5lbs -as long as it starts with a one then I'm okay with it, long term 165lbs

HEIGHT: 5 ft 9 in

EYE COLOR: green

HAIR COLOR: dirty blonde with white highlights

OCCUPATION: order entry rep



WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: My youngest child is four so I have more freedom of movement than when I had a toddler on my hip all of the time. Hubby wants to lose weight and shape up too.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: I was recently told that I should not be "that person" referring to my questions about details that did not make sense at a training meeting for work. I took it as a challenge and a compliment although it was not meant as such. I have been taking Zoloft for almost twenty years for depression and have just started adding Bupropion to help with weight loss (helps with cravings). I am also low thyroid (my kids love when I forget my pills because I will forget what I assigned them to do and that I even assigned them anything) and usually anemic (I try to eat a lot of iron rich foods). I also have Interstitial cystitis which is bothered by food and stress. With a predisposition for auto immune disorders when my stress level gets to high. Generally I'm a wreck that tries to keep a positive attitude
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