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Squeak-GOOD NEWS!! Hope your friend's pregnancy continues well. Hope your job stays where it is. Hope you are down a pound!!!!!

Ellis-I may even start before Monday. I have just been having a terrible time, and I DON'T want to gain any weight back. I made crumb cake for family & DS16's guest and didn't eat any though, so maybe I am getting back on track!!! I still have the book, so just ask and I will look it up!!!

Karen-(By the way, that is MY real name too!!!) WOW!! FUN!! Those guys are great!!! I dragged myself out of bed this morning and I didn't even go to a concert!!!!

My big thrill-yesterday we refinanced the house. went to a 15 year mortgage, and don't have a house payment until Sept. 1. GREAT!! Money continues to be tight this summer, so that will help. Don't know WHAT I'm going to do when DH starts the full time position. REGULAR MONEY YEAR ROUND?!? I may have a stroke!!!!!
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