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Midwife, congrats! 3# is great!!!

Kept it right at 1500 cals yesterday. Woohoo, just need to string a few days like that together!

B - egg sandwich - light English muffin, 1 large egg, coffee w 1 T h&h
S - orange
L - lean deli ham + 1 slice provolone on 1 piece whole wheat sandwich thin, large salad w 1T light dressing
S's as needed - 6 oz lowfat yogurt, 1 c. strawberries, salt & vinegar chickpeas
D - pita pizza on ww pita, part skim mozzarella, 2/3 c mixed frozen veggies
E - 40 (or 45? can't remember) min elliptical, ~3 mile wog w the dog
Cals: 1370
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