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Good morning chickies! It has been way too quite in here so I guess I will post about my relatively boring week.

Getting back into the swing of things at work. I was missed for various reasons. The girl in front of me was very happy to see me, partially because she just likes me, and in part because she was handling my project and doesn't want to deal with the people I deal with. I don't blame her. Some are very nice, but can be a royal pain, and clueless.

In good news - it is looking good for my job to stay right where it is, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed and getting together my resume just in case.

In other wonderful news - a dear friend has hit her 3rd month in a high risk pregnancy which I am very thrilled about. WE are all excited and are hoping things continue to go well.

I have been sorta ok with the food this week. Except for when I ate my days worth of point during breakfast yesterday morning. But today is a new day. I hate to jinx it, but I may actually be down a pound. First time in a LONG time.

Nothing too exciting, and no big plans for the weekend, maybe just a concert and cleaning the house.

Ok, now it is someone else's turn.
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