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Default Giving it another try

Hi, welcome to the Momentum forum. I'll give it another try.
I've been away and off WW, dealing with my wife being out of work. She found a job so our life is starting to settle back into a routine.
I did regain 10 pounds, but seem to have managed to put on the brakes on, stopping there. It just was too difficult to worry about what I ate when I was worrying about whether I would have a place to live.
I got the go ahead (moneywise) to go back to meetings, and I have committed to start again next Wednesday. But I will still stick with Momentum for my tracking (I won't tell WW/leader that of course.) I realize part of the problem is I really detest having to use technology to figure my points. Also, I do well with the higher fiber that you are rewarded for consuming on Momentum. I like whole wheat bread, etc. and resented that PP treated it the same as white. I also don't really like fruit all that much. Love to eat veggies, but fruit--eh.
I also have a huge amount of money invested in WW cookbooks that are in points. I know points, and I'm just don't have the mental energy to try and learn the new PP. You can see my older posts about why I went back to MM.
Wish me luck. And good luck to you.
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