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HelloDiet, I just knew you'd be on today because it's the day your food was coming in! Thought about you! I order all my WS as ala carte because there is so much in the packages that I don't like. However, I have never ordered by phone...I order online. I remember reading somewhere, too, that the reps will work with you and let you do some substituting when you order the package. I don't know that from personal experience though since I've never tried it. I keep reordering my stand-bys (cocomint and mocha shakes and the cereals) and once in awhile add in something that I haven't yet tried. I still haven't tried some of the stuff I got in that first order.

Shero, the lean and green meal is what WS calls (and I think MF may call it that, too) the meal you eat "on your own." It's where you eat "real" food (regular people food, if you will): 3 oz lean protein (4 oz if very lean),
2 veggies, 1 starch, 1 optional. The optional includes things like olive oil, etc. that you might use to prepare or season the food with. Veggies are generally green, hence the name green and the starch is generally a complex carb. If you need more specifics, just ask and I'll elaborate further.

Girl...10 days since no pop? (Must confess it was hard to type "pop"...everything here in the South is Coke even though it may be Pepsi or Dr. Pepper...LOL) That's wonderful! I am as proud of my not drinking my diet Cokes (prefer diet Pepsi actually) as I am anything I've changed. It's not forbidden at all but I have discovered that it triggers cravings for me. Of course, it could be because I've always used my diet drinks to chase a candy bar...LOL (It used to be a joke whenever I was out with friends that I might order a hot fudge cake with a diet drink. I just always preferred the diet drink to the regular.)

Some days I have more problem resisting the diet Coke in the frig than I do all the food stuff laying around. However, to date I am still resisting...41st day of my change. I thought all the intellectuals say that it takes 28 days to break a habit. I guess they don't understand a habit that's become an addiction. I still crave my diet drinks like an addict wants another hit but I am determined to withstand the temptation. Again, one-day-at-a-time seems to be working for me.
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