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Originally Posted by stan255 View Post
did you wash the veges before eating them?
My mum and I once ate unwashed celery and had really awful crippling stomach cramps immediately afterwards... after that I always made sure to really thoroughly wash all fruit and vegetables before eating! I don't know what was on the celery that caused that (we just ate celery at that time too, nothing else could have caused it) but wow it was bad...

I though it worth mentioning that there's a large number of vegetables that you get more nutrients from if you cook them- carrots being the highest example of this. You get far more nutrients from a carrot if you lightly cook it than if you eat it raw because your body has a really hard time breaking it down and basically just can't break down a lot of it unless it's had some help by it being cooked a bit first. I would now go search and link to some articles to back this up but I can't be bothered might come back and add some later though.
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