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So I left work early today to go to FedEx and pick up my package from DD. :P I went through and sorted everything into Ziploc bags so I can just grab a bag and go in the morning. I also tried the free sample(chocomint bar or something) and it was pretty decent, much better than I expected. I'll be starting the WS on Saturday as I have something going on on Friday and I know I'll cheat otherwise, lol. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do for the lean and green meals yet while I'm at work.

I'll probably decide after my first week of eating the WS if I'm going to reorder(depends on how well it's working out for me). Can you pick and choose the things you get in the DD packages? I thought I saw someone saying something about it on one of the threads but I'm not sure. How does that work?
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