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Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I started a blog as well -- and one on Word Press just so I can put as many pictures as I want. Pretty motivated by that gal I read yesterday around these forums 'somewhere' lol- lost 67 pounds: loved herself as much at the beginning as she did at the end. Pretty cool.
That's awesome. I may move over to one of those free WordPress blogs, because I went through and looked at my stored photos from BistroMD and now PureFoods and I really don't want to delete any of them, because it's good info to have out there, when you're the one searching for info on a diet before sinking your money into it. I may try to get that done soon!

I *love* hearing about people who love themselves just the same through this process! That's so important.

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I am going to put up pictures this weekend.
Ooh, get me a link when you can. I want to visit!

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
And even though I haven't actually 'started' and I think this is a lifestyle change rather than a temporary way to live -- I did get mostly protein snacks -- I have brown rice cakes (even though it's extruded and compressed-I'll blog about it eventually) and almond butter with organic apple slices from Costco (easy peasy those snack bags -- when I'm less fat and more healthy I'll take more care of the environment. -- My blood sugar isn't happy so I bought some L-glutamine to help with that. The holidays. It doesn't take much to tip that blood sugar scale and then start craving sugar -- I had one fast food meal last week and it just made me hungry for the rest of the day. Anyway I digress.
Snack bags are such a good way to handle snacks. Even for the ones you prep yourself! I love knowing "this is 100 calories" when I grab and go. Very smart!

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I'll let you know when I get my first package. We can be a thread of two! lol
Works for me! Wishing you loads of good luck and I'm excited to cheer you on! I have *great* news. I'm down two pounds and my waist is down 3.5" since I started this 12 days ago! CRAZY! I love it!

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
A gal asked earlier why buy through a Packaged Meal program when you can fix it at home. Well, I used to love to cook -- but the kids are gone and I work in the art medium -- my creativity gets split when I cook. Also, truly it's the cutting and chopping -- for about two months I just want to eat what's put in front of me without thinking. I don't believe a diet should be thinking so much about food and the next meal. So for me I actually believe this will teach me how not to think about food the same way. I've already been to WW and all those other diets -- this isn't my first rodeo -- I don't think it's any of ours.
Yup. I'm with you, there. I know for a fact that diet delivery WORKS for me, and I just have to strengthen the muscle memory for making better choices, regularly, and then not let weight creep back on before getting back on track. I have been loving just going into the kitchen, opening the fridge, picking out the next meal, zapping it, and going from there. So easy. And it's totally worth it, for me. I'm eating better than I would on my own, for sure!

With VERY little exception, I'm loving every one of these PureFoods meals. I think I've eaten three things I won't order again, but I didn't *hate* them, just don't prefer them. That's pretty good.

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I also think the older I've got and the more I listened to diet guru's and went up and down -- and didn't listen to myself -- the more inflammation my body holds -- so my liver doesn't detox as well as it should -- so now I have to be more careful of what I eat -- well, thx for listening - Now I have blog material for today! Hopefully -between watching football and taking down the tree.

Take Care
You too! Hope your team did well! AND I hope you're off to a good start with PureFoods if your delivery has arrived. I had to tell them to NOT deliver my week three, because I'll be traveling and my goal will be to not undo the good stuff I've done in these first couple of weeks. And find ways to exercise while traveling. That'll be interesting!

Woo hoo!
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