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Aaron congrats on your losing!!

Reda, what you said makes perfect sense. If it was a certain person who regularly was a jerk, then yeah, then steps need to be taken. But that wasn't the case here, it is just the single random impatient out-of-stater tourist and I was tired and had no petience left. But your way of dealing with it sounds proper and business-like...and yeah probably the customer was ashamed of themselves and that's why they wouldn't come back.

Well yesterday my boss tried to guilt me about me leaving 3 hours early this Saturday for our Harley Raffle.."you're leaving us at 3? Just leaving me and Judy in the store alone. ON a busy weekend. I don't know..." Come on, he has left me alone to deal with the store in busy times. And he can ask the salaried cook to help out for 2 hours. Man up!

I have been sleeping late each morning, thinking it was OK because I was needing the rest after being sick..but I stay up til 11 playing Angry Birds, lol. I have to make sure to do at least 30 minutes of some exercise.

well today is my Friday, woohoo! Get through today then I have my 2 days off. Even though I was irritated at my boss yesterday, I took the time to totally clean the deli. It hadn't been nicely cleaned by me since before Christmas!! and today I want to see how it looks in daylight, if it really sparkles, lol. It is just so much more pleasant to work with food, when my surroundings are bleached and scrubbed.
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