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Hello, my name is Carol and I am at my wit's end. I just turned 50 in December 2011, and every year about this time I say to myself "I am the fattest I have ever been", and then another year goes by, my clothes get even a bit more snug, and I sink a little deeper into what feels like a pit I can't drag myself out of.

I am married, no kids, but 2 wonderful grown stepsons and 3 step grandchildren. I am a homemaker but keep very busy with volunteer work and trying to take good care of my loved ones.

I have always been gangly thin, and 2" taller than I am now. This weight gain, which started out gradually is now piling on despite my best efforts to do something about it. I try to get in 45 mins of cardio 5x/week, lift weights 2x, and take a yoga/Pilates class on Fridays. I try to focus on lean meats, lots of vegetables and whole grains, and watch portions somewhat. but despite what feels like trying really hard, clothes keep getting tighter and tighter, and I am becoming very discouraged. last night I was in tears while packing for an upcoming trip to Hawaii. it should be a happy time, but I am so upset about my weight I can hardly think of anything else.

I am feeling desperate, and have come here hoping to find people that can understand and maybe kick me in my a**. Thanks for reading this. Hopefully once I start to figure things out for myself I can be a good support for others as well. Thank you for reading all of this!

PS: I came here 2 years ago with the same hopes and aspirations and frustrations, but lost my focus and stopped coming, because I was ashamed at my lack of progress. I am ready to really focus and make it happen this time, no excuses.


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