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Thanks for the info on the way our bodies get used to a set number of calories and will sustain on that amount. I vary my calories a day pretty much to around a thousand give or take 100-200. I may see how I can vary it a little more. Certainly don't want it to get used to living on that amount.
I worked with a girl that had been on Optifast for almost a to her goal weight and "quit dieting" that day. She gained the weight back so quickly. I've had that mindset as well. Either I've been "on a diet" or "not dieting." Life changes caused me to put on a lot of weight too, Shero. This time I'm determined to keep the good habits I'm using and not fall back into the "not dieting" lifestyle. I lost over 100 pounds in 2006 by walking on the treadmill and portion control. Injured my knee, couldn't walk without pain, ate more due to boredom and gained 80 pounds back over the next 5 years. Found Wonderslim and that I enjoy my exercise I'm on my way to a healthy lifestyle again.
I was SO hungry all day yesterday. I don't know the reason, hungrier than I had been for the 9 weeks I've been on the program. Made decent choices, but the calorie count yesterday was anything but consistent with the 60 days before :-) The difference was that any lapse from the programs I've been on before resulted in a binge. Yesterday I had one apple off plan (I'm doing shakes and a lean and green meal) and 5 ounces of protein and double the veges I usually eat, but I'm so happy I didn't follow past patterns and eat that cake that was calling me from the refrigerator.
Shero...great tip on doing the word pad first, then pasting it over here! Thanks.
Hope everyone has a good choices day!
Praising God for every ounce lost!
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