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Holly you must be in AZ about the same time we are in Cancun so we get to soak up some sunshine

As for rude customers well I have always advised the employees if it is a one time deal to just deal with it but if it is a customer that comes in regularly and they continue to be rude on a regular basis to ask them to quit that it makes them feel uncomfortable, if they don't quit then I usually will make sure that I show up the store and talk to the customer as well and advise that they are making the employee feel uncomfortable and usually once I talk to them they quit or just quit coming into the store - not sure if it would be that I pissed them off or they got embarrassed?????

Probably not what you want to hear at all but when I oversee 8 stores it is all about customer service- I know you know all about customer service, and boy I do realize that sometimes there are just people out there that shouldn't be allowed out in public and as much as we would like to be just as rude back to them, we are better and bite our tongue

Glad to hear the wife is going to cover for you Saturday let us know how the raffle goes, and all the cupcake baking

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