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Morning all - or it was when I started this!

Mel - I sure hope you aren't in the hospital, but if that's what you need to clear those lungs, so be it! Just keep away from all the other germs hanging out there! Take care my friend, and get well soon wishes to Jen too!

Happy - I wouldn't have been happy either not hearing the more upbeat Elvis tunes, but it was a free show and it had some entertainment value for you, so that's that. I have a memory foam pillow and it does get warm, as does my latex/foam rubber one. There's always something. As for the odor - the foam is a petroleum product, so that's part of the lingering scent, and I've read that it should be contained in a cover to keep your air quality cleaner.

Shad - Wow, that's hot!! At least at work you've got AC and it's not on your dime. Hope the first day back at work wasn't too awful.

Michelle - Get well wishes to your dh - that's too long to be so sick. Too bad DMIL can't stay at your place year-round... So very sad to hear about your friend's wife dying. How devastating to the husband and other family.

Annie - How was the overnight getaway??

Hi Ceejay!
The visit w/ the BIL/Niece/grandnephew on Saturday was nice, just casual and not too many people either. The little nephew was a delight to be around, especially vs. his behavior last summer. I think he's 3 years old now and that's a fun age.

Exercise this weekend was the circuit class on Sat. morning. I upped the weight at several of the stations by 5 pounds, so it was more challenging than usual. Also had a long dog walk Saturday by the creek. Shorter dog walk Sunday because I had a chill even before I left the house and it wasn't nearly as nice weather as Saturday.

Did some grocery shopping Sunday and that was about it for Sunday. No, I take it back - I took down the Christmas tree, and that was the last of the holiday "un-decorating". Bf had taken down the outdoor decorations on Wed., and I put away all the indoor decorations on Saturday (other than the tree). We have all that stuff in a lot of plastic storage bins, and I had them all labeled nicely from years ago, but now a lot of the lablels are starting to fall off, and the contents don't always match the label anymore, so next year it might be time to re-organize that stuff. Might be a good time NOW to buy a few more holiday colored storage bins if they are on sale/clearance.

Okay, better get back to it - so much to do it's not funny.

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