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Hi ladies -

Sorry I didn't check in over the weekend. I didn't sleep well Friday night, so Saturday I couldn't attempt to put a couple coherent thoughts together and post. Sunday, I took DMIL and her sister out to brunch. DH was really sick all weekend, so he stayed home and rested. We had a lovely brunch, and then I took DMIL back to her sister's house, so she could stay with her for a few days. Unfortunately, DMIL is leaving on 1/18...but she's looking forward to coming back in the spring. She says her home is with us, as this is the only place where she feels comfortable, secure and wanted. If it wasn't for her medical issues and her insurance through the State of CA, I think she would've moved in with us long ago.

Anyway, when I got home from brunch, DH told me that our dear friend (wife of his best friend since junior high school) passed away at age 43. She was diagnosed when she was only 38 years old. She had recovered but the cancer came back 2 years later. The nearly constant chemo that was necessary to just keep the cancer under control became just too much and her liver failed. When DH talked to her husband yesterday and knowing how devastated he is surely makes our problems seem so very trivial. Talking to him today and knowing how devastated he is makes anything any problems I seem trivial. It breaks my heart that she's gone. She was such a lovely, caring woman. She did not have any children, but my heart breaks for her husband and both their families. The services are Wednesday afternoon/evening.


Mel - I sure hope you're not in the hospital. I'm so worried about you, sista. Having lungs that sound like the popcorn toy is NOT good. If IV antibiotics will help, then do what's best for you. Please take good care of yourself. Sending you and Jen lots of healing and wishes. Love you.

Ceejay - DH went back to the doc last week. He doesn't have pneumonia, just an upper respiratory infection. He is doing a little better. It's just going to take time. What do you get the decadron injections for? It's good you can B12 supplements rather than have injections, and so good that he lowered your Thyroid med. Good for you on having low HDL. My HDL is a little high, and my LDL is a bit low (probably lower now that I haven't been exercising much for the past couple months).

Annie - Hope you had a nice dinner at OG with Curtis and his daughters. How was the weekend getaway? Any news on your co-worker's hubby?

Laura - I got a great laugh at your well-rounded plan versus well-rounded Laura (or in my case Michelle). I'll have to remember that when I'm trying to resist treats. I'm loving the warm weather too. Unfortunately, DH had to tell me that we get a few more days of really nice weather, followed by cooler temps, followed by freakin' cold temps. I hope your visit with bf's brother and his family was nice.

Shad - Goodonya' for getting back to the gym, and congrats for not gaining over the holidays!! I loved the HA HA building and the pictures of the gardens! Thanks for the update about Mel and Jen. So sad that Mel may need IV antibiotics. No fun. Try and stay cool, my sista.

Happy - I do believe we are still going to get winter...after DMIL leaves...and you're right, spring may be late in arriving...but it can't be much later than mid-May, right? I'm sure the deer are getting more hungry and appreciate the corn your DH puts out. I love seeing bald eagles. We don't see too many of them here; we either have to head west to the Wisconsin River/Dells or north. Is Lake Superior frozen all the way across? Lake Michigan is not. DH has to drive to Rice Lake for work a couple times a year. He says it's a very pretty drive. I really love the library consortiums! It's great that even though we live "in the country", we can get books from so many libraries around the state. Thanks for the input about the foam mattresses. I talked to DH about it, and he said that our next mattress will probably be foam, but it will be awhile as we can't afford one now. An Elvis impersonator that only sang 3 Elvis songs?? WT_??? I'm glad you had a good time regardless and that you got your money's worth. Enjoy your quest for the property markers and planning out the trails.

Better get back to work. I have to finish a report and then send it for approvals.

Love and hugs,

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