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Hey Dawn, I am so glad to hear that at least you can agreeably discuss the divorce with your H (is this when we drop the "D") Is it really better for you not to split the house? but you must know what you are doing And congrats that you are holding to that tiny size you are even with the stress.

Reda, congrats to you for losing steadily!!! woohoo!! Actually our Harley Raffle is this upcoming Saturday. I have only baked 60 cupcakes so far, each night I come home it is very difficult to rouse myself to do the routine but I will have to.

Yup the Arizona trip is coming right up, in less than 2 weeks!

Turns out I had a sinus infection, funny that a little thing like that can make you feel SO crummy. I feel better each day and am trying to drink alot of water to thin out the junk in my head.

And I finally got the courage to ask that I can leave for 3 hours early this Saturday, for the Harley Raffle. My boss' wife said she would cover for me so then all I had to do was tell/ask boss. He was okay about it. I am still trying to be very productive at all times so he won't be as angry at me about leaving for AZ.

Reda, in your experience as store manager, what would you say to an employee who asks a customer to leave because they are a jerk...i came so very close to doing that this weekend to someone, he was just so rude. He wasn't violent or sexually harassing, just really rude. I probably would not get support from my employers for it, but it was so very tempting to just take his items off the counter, and tell him 'goodbye'. But I didn't
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