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Default 12 hour shifts and planning ahead

I work a series of 12 hour shifts at the hospital in Fairmont, and I feel as though that is one of the biggest reasons as to why I am doing ill with my healthy eating.

I have a rough time planning ahead, making the food and storing it. Even when I bring it, someday's it seems like there is not enough time to spare for me to go and get it out of the refrigerator in the front office. I'd use the nurses refrigerator but it is full and kind of smells like bad fish.

Anyway, I was just curious to see if anyone else worked long shifts and has advice on what snacks I can pack or food that wouldn't require refrigeration and would be just as filling? I really do want to change. I hate being fat, I honestly feel like I'm looked down upon because of my size at times.

Don't mind me. I'm an invisible person who everyone forgot. No friends, no support. Nothing. Thanks 3FC for making me realize how invisible I really am!
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