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Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
Hi -- I wanted to thank you because of your pictures and links (and noodlebeans) I'm confidently choosing Pure Foods over Bistro -- I'm not necessarily gluten free-- but more wheat free -- I thought I'd risk it over at Bistro and just say no pasta meals but. . . (chronic fatigue, swollen joints -- I just want to be well -- and less weight will help that more than anything!)

So, I'll be signing up when I'm back in town around the 19th. Look forward to it.
Oh, cool! We can check in on each other.

Yeah, the hard part about doing BistroMD and saying "no pasta," is that you're still gonna get dishes that have sauces thickened with flour, breaded things, even vegetables that have seasoning that is adhered using a coating of flour. Of course, that's a bigger issue for folks with full-on Celiac or a gluten allergy, whereas my situation is just that I'm so much healthier without wheat in my diet.

Sounds like that's the case for you too.

I have a few more meals that I've photographed, and delivery number two is due today! But my 3FC blog says that I've used 98% of my file upload allowance, so I have to figure out if that means deleting the old BistroMD photos or resizing everything or moving over to another site to have more space. Decisions, decisions!

I'm glad to know the food photos have been helpful! I know when I was shopping around, getting to SEE actual food (not just what's on the company's website) was a huge factor, and there's very little of that info out there, so I'm happy to add to it, so those who are trying to decide, now, have data that helps!

Safe travels!
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