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Dude... I just tried making homemade mayo yesterday and it was a dismal fail. However, the only reason I wanted it was to make deviled eggs, and then I found a mayo-less deviled egg recipe, so I was good to go (it basically just uses olive oil).

This is Day 4 for me of eating primal, and I have to admit, my energy levels are lagging. I feel like death warmed over... like I could sleep at the drop of a hat. Absolutely no energy at all. I am hoping this is just carb flu that will pass over time. I am coming off a very very high-carb lifestyle.

So far I have been 100% dedicated (except a few glasses of wine on Day 1). I haven't even eaten dairy, although Mark Sissan says a little dairy is ok. I've also been trying to watch how many nuts I eat. Mostly I've been eating meats, veggies, fruits and a few nuts or natural nut butters.

To be honest, I still don't feel any different, except tired. The scale says I've dropped a few pounds, but I think that's because my initial weigh was during PMS time, so all I've dropped is water weight and bloat (which is what I'd expect to drop the first few weeks of any diet anyway).

I really really really hope I see some results from this.
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