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Hi ladies! I am sorta new, I usually post in the Support forums, but yesterday I ventured over out of curiosity, and you seem like a fun bunch I posted a bio in the bio section yesterday. I have been using 3FC for recipes and fast food guide for a year now, but just joined the forum this month, haha. Anyhow, I lost my weight doing weight watchers, and now I am just trying to prove myself wrong about being able to be high school weight, so far this is the hardest loss I have encountered in the whole journey :P Why can't I just do it?! anyways, so I have recently tried some new stuff,, and I bought some "one a day" weight loss vitamins yesterday, to see if they control my hunger a little, since I am ALWAYS hungry, and it's a struggle every single day not to pig out!
"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

my fitday entry:
female, 27, mother of 2
5'4", start (8/2002) : 165, initial goal: 145, current: 124.
new goal : lose maintain & lose inches
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