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The puking...they play it up because of the drama. There is a physiological reason for it and it isnt as dangerous as it seems. If it is happening every workout it is a problem but it is a common body response to doing something not normally asked of the body. It's also a common response to an adrenaline surge. If you are severely out of shape it doesnt take that much to get there and add the uncomfortable nervousness of the situation its really to be expected. If you are really in shape it takes more which is why you dont see it as often later in the season even though they push them harder..

p.s. dont volunteer to be the finish line worker at a 5K with people who take it seriously. puke-o-rama. I know a sub-elite runner who pukes every single time.

BUT a 40 yard dash with no warmup? No wonder someone tore a hammy. Although usually it's quads on a dash. I used to tear mine every season on my first sprint to first base.

- - my one continues BL rant. -- do the contestants not ever WATCH this show? They always seem so shocked by the twists. And every season 2-3 players state "I thought they would go easy on us the first workout" Uh...why would you think that?

I wonder if they toned down the pre first weigh in buffet? Even with the smaller size the numbers were much lower than in past seasons
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