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Hola, Goldens!

Wow, it sure doesn’t take long to get behind! Lots of chatting going on… as usual!

PT/Zoe – it’s shocking, isn’t it, to emotionally acknowledge our age? Sure, intellectually I know how old I am, but I look in the mirror and gasp… or I remember something that happened 50 YEARS AGO and gasp! I don’t feel much older than 12, inside… it’s this outside that’s going to caca. And there’s nothing old ladyish about crocheting. If so, I’ve been an old lady since I was 12 (maybe that’s why I’m stuck there??). Anyway, it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars, plus it’s cheaper than a shrink, so all of those are good things. And it’s nice to make purty thangs.

You and I said the same thing about Nancy’s SO (“sucky orifice”). I’d love to go to NC with you and just throttle him. And her, maybe, for letting him hang around and for wanting him back? Snarky is kind of a PT thing, I think.

The scalawag has been gone since August. I thought I had him, but he disappeared again, and the cops “can’t talk about it”. I think that means he ran off from them, and they’re embarrassed. Regardless, it’s my pocketbook that’s being hit. I’ve had to pay one time only in the 16 years I’ve been doing this, so this isn’t anything really to complain about… but I had money then and don’t now! Mostly, I knew and trusted the family… move valuable lessons learned.

Lyn – it was good to see you! How’s your daughter doing?

Chickadeee – thanks for the pencil pushes explanation. Have you noticed improvement? It does sound like you and I have very similar problems, and I’d love it if something this simple would work! I hope your migraine was short lived!

KarenFL – SamCat the Paragon was mortified that you thought he had teetled too much and was hungover! No, he’s just old and has a delicate digestive system. I have to be very careful to keep as much as possible to the same flavors for him; otherwise, he eats too much because it’s so delicious… and then he pukes. It also gives him either diarrhea or constipation if he eats different things. He’s such a delicate flower! TMI?

I’m so sorry you have a staph infection, to top everything! I’ll bet you feel that you’ll never be well again! Your tendons haven’t popped and fallen off, have they?

Lynn – do you have a cat sitter when you go away? Have you tried putting your yarn balls in a plastic bag? It tends to keep the CuriousCats away. “Gorking” means lazing around.

Rie – how are you feeling? I like Duane Lee, too (but I couldn’t think of his name before… he’s not quite as cute as Leland, but he looks like he’s a very NICE fellow!). You know that I know Dog and Beth? She’s every bit as mouthy, foul and piggish as she’s portrayed; he spends a lot of time putting out fires and apologizing for her. He’s a very nice person, actually; however, I agree that dipping him in Clorox and cutting his hair would improve his appearance!

Marie – no, to a kitty, every ball of yarn is his/her ball of yarn. They just don’t get the concept of “yours and mine”! Sweet Kai! SamCat sends his love.

Isabella – feel better soon!

Rosey – hola!! DH did a good job. I'm looking forward to the chairs pictures.

I’ve been way too busy these three days off. I did domestic drudgery (eeek!)…. changed the bed, spiffed the toitie (cleaned the toilet), dishes, laundry, finished all the paperwork and am ready to do taxes soon, grocery shopped, blah, blah, blah, and blah…. I’m ready to go to work tomorrow. They’re a lot easier on me!

Sounds like you’re all doing well! Keep up all those resolutions! Onward!

If you're not part of the solution, you're just scumming up the bottom of the beaker---unknown

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