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Finally got back to the gym! I kept it very light though...walked 15 min at 3.2 and biked 15 min at 5. My back began to hurt a little...not spasms just feels weak and a little achy. So I didn't push it...will try to slowly work back to doing more. We plan on shopping for tiles or something for the bathroom floor if we have the energy...seems like we are both tired.

Chickadee - Can you do the pencil test yourself? I tried it this am and I never see double! Is that a bad thing? Feel like I used to know this but don't any more. I have very poor eyesight, have been told I would be considered legally blind except my vision can be corrected with glasses/contacts. Up to a point at least...the doc says no more can be one with my close up vision, so I just take off my glasses and bring whatever I'm looking at up really close to see it. So guess it's better than not being able to correct my distance. My distance changed a little recently too but so far I haven't gotten new glasses. Just too much going on recently and I haven't gotten to it. It's not a big deal change...doc said just if I want.

ETA: Tried the pencil thing again and I do see a little double...right before my nose. ;-)

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