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The clock struck midnight and in keeping with my "mental contract" with myself, I was off to the scales to weigh.

I started WonderSlim on December 1 and promised myself I would not weigh until January 1. It was an experiment with myself because since my weight changes so much due to fluid retention, the scales are not kind to me and can very easily derail my diet. I actually asked my doctor to approve what I wanted to do since he has once told me I needed to weigh at least every other day to keep the fluid in check. He supported me though when I told him my reasoning behind this variation of normal weigh-ins and with the caution that if I noticed swelling, I should weigh, he okayed my plan.

So...when the clock struck midnight and the new year began, I was (for once) actually excited to step on the scales.

Drum roll, please...

I have lost 19 pounds! That's not a typo...LOL...nineteen pounds! I am so excited and pleased.

Now I begin the second month with another weigh-in scheduled for February 1. (I've dieted enough "years" to know that the first loss includes water weight but it's still part of the number on the scale. I do case anyone reading this thinks I'm setting myself up to be disappointed next month...that the second month and subsequent months will probably be less but it's just a boost to start this journey with that loss. I have many, many months ahead but I'm still sticking to my one-day-at-a-time plan and it is working...woo hoo!)
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