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Cherry : sorry about the circumstances, but so happy for you about the loss.

Having a nice relaxing day here. Am watching my food, but allowing a treat here and there. Froze or threw out the tempting food. If they get to me even being in the freezer, I'll have to think of something to do with them.

Bandit, it's nice your dd got a chance to go to NY, but change is a little tough to take. Isn't it? So smart of you to take care of leftovers and to get stocked up on salads, and fresh fruit. That's the weigh to go!

I'm aiming on hitting my goal in 2012. I figure if I keep on posting that I'll remember what I really want and work toward it.
234.6/182.8/179 and thinner (truth be told, I'm sure I'm up after the weekend, but I'll keep this weight here for now. still have 46th wedding anniversary dinner out tomorrow, then a high tea with my two dds. they are treating me for Christmas----then the events slow down which will be good for me and good for my weight.)
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