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Thank you! Glycogen - of course! Duh! Isn't our body interesting? And yes, I haven't been working out as much, and eating mor carbs... Makes sense that they are getting replenished.

I actually am proud of myself as I am OK with k owing I may gain a few pounds over the holidays (our holidays go through January 7). I've given myself permission to enjoy the season and for our family, foods arer a big part of it. So while baking I sample the goodies, but for the most part stay away from the baked goods. (however ther was a chocolate chip cookie incident earlier this week). There is no such thing for me as cheating or as falling off the wagon. I know what I need to do to get the few extra pounds off and what my eating will be like again.... And even now I'm eating normally 90% of the time.

The water weight was just a big huge mystery to me though that I wanted explained so I wouldn't freak out about a 10 pound gain. Even though I know I've gained no more than 2 lbs of fat, it's disheartening to see huge increases on the scale and not understanding WHY.

So thank you for the link.... Might blog about it today.

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