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Default So what is it with simple carbs tht make me hold water?

It has gotten to be that I know if I've had a high sugar day, I'll have a significant weight gain the next day - without fail.

I'm not on a low carb diet, though it is a lower carb diet (100 or lower net carbs a day). I eat fruit and veggies, but I don't typically eat bread, rice, pasta and sweets.

However, I'm also a baker and these holidays have been wreaking havoc on my eating plan as I sample a fair share of cookie batter while baking. The baked cookies and cakes I can resist, not the batter! Anyway... Every single time I partake in sugary sweets, next day I am up almost 2 pounds. If I do it two days in a row, another 2 pounds. For the first time in this journey I did that three times in a row and I gained 7 pounds in three days. Not high sodium days, but high sugar days, I could feel the swelling in my feet and fingers.

I didn't have sugar for two days and the weight started to come off - 4 of the 7. Then last night I made some cookies to take to my son's school and bam... 1.6 gain on the scale. On my "high sugar days" I'm consuming about 2100 calories and about 220 carbs.... 650 more calories than I usually eat and double the carbs I usually eat. But gaining a little of the holidays doesn't bother me. I know I'll get back tonitbwhen the holidays are over, but this water weight bugs me!

What is it about sugar that makes it bind with water? More than sodium. I see it over and over stated on here how people gain a lot of weight afte one a big feast day and we all know its mostly water, but when I go to google it, I can't tease out weight gain and carbs from stuff about carbs don't make you fat.... I'm wanting to know about temporary water weight gain from carbs.

Anyone understand why? And do others experience it the way I do?

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