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Originally Posted by TBird View Post
Tomorrow is my 3rd WI. I have done a ton of baking and haven't ate anything! Also, all those Christmas parties with people eating all of those yummy treats right in front of me! I am not craving them-it's my head!!! I just think I would like to eat that. So my 1st WI I was down 5.4lbs, Week 2 I was only down 3lbs.....I was upset as I was hoping for another 5! I haven't cheated at all, and I gues 8.4lbs and 11 inches in 2 weeks is pretty good. Will post tomorrow's results.

How is everyone dealing with Christmas? Making it a Cheat day??? My mom is making her famous Christmas pudding that I am not sure I can resist!! I also need a little alcohol if I am spending 3 days with the family!!
Never be disappointed in ANY losses that you have no matter how small they are. A Loss is a Loss!!!....your average will probably be 3lbs a week so you will have small weeks but it all works out.

For Christmas I will have Turkey, Cauliflower dressing, Cucumbers and green beans. All of that food that will be there will be there again next year just like it has been for the past 45 years. One year without it won't kill me plus I feel great and I know after eating my meal I won't be stuffed and miserable like I have been in the past. Ok, so your mom will have her famous Christmas pudding, won't it be there next year? I bet you 10 to 1 it will!!! it worth having to not lose 2lbs?....for me the answer is no because I have that mind set. Anything I want will be there when I am done so it is worth the wait for me. As far as spending time with my family, there is no need for alcohol, alcohol doesn't solve anything AND will hold me back from losing as much as I can so again not an option for me. Christmas WILL BE HERE NEXT YEAR....this is a NO CHEAT program!....ok...enough of that, I am not saying all of this to be a mean person either, if you have read the boards at all you will see this is how I am, very truthful and honest....have a happy holiday

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