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Hi, I'm Jen & this is my first post on 3FC.

I'm turning 50 on January 2nd. On my 49th birthday, I promised myself I would get in shape so I'd hit 50 looking & feeling better than I did at 40. Needless to say, I broke my promise. I'm techically only about 11 pounds overweight, but according to my scale, my body fat percentage is somewhere between 35 & 38%. When I started having babies (I have 4 - between 27 & 15 years old), I weighed under 120, so I feel like most of the 35+ pounds I've gained since then is fat. Ugh.

I'm in the process of reading 'Younger Next Year' (women's version) and it has motivated me to do something so that when I'm 70, I'm still able to be active & healthy. Working out 6 times a week is part of the plan, and I need support to get that done! My 20 year old son (who just moved back home) is a great cheerleader for me, but he's on a completely different playing field.

My diet has been pretty healthy since I became vegan almost 5 years ago. My problem is that I just eat too much! And this time of year, of course there are too many sweets - whether or not they contain eggs & butter is pretty irrelevant! I'm firmly in the 3 meals a day, no snacks camp (ayurvedic style), but still struggle with wanting food when I'm not really hungry.

So here I am, looking forward to getting to know some of you as we strive to become better & smaller in 2012!

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