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Just checking in just in case anyone is checking to see if this thread is active.

Today begins the 19th day of my program. Evidently all the planets aligned and I put on my big girl panties and dealt with it before I started because even as shocked as I am to say this...I have not cheated nor even been tempted!

I's almost scary because it's so unlike me!

Anyway, all is well and I'm still planning to wait until one month has passed before I weigh. I will check back in off and on but it does get "lonely" just chatting with myself. I can do that just as well offline and it's much quicker to talk in my head...LOL

I just know that in times past I have gone back to a thread to see someone's progress only to never hear the next chapter in their journey. I dodn't want to leave that same impression.

I'll try to at least stop by each week...sooner if someone posts...and comment. I have subscribed to both threads where I post so I know when it's active.

Merry Christmas in case I don't get back again before the holiday!
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