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Today starts the 19th day of my program.

I am continuing to astonish myself with my determination and "lack of" cheating. There may have been a couple of times under doctors' supervision that I have gone this long without veering off-course but if so, it was out of fear of what they might say. I think I am a super example of a people pleaser...or at least I probably was until I retired. Not so much now.

Haven't started any type of exercise program yet but we're going tomorrow to join a water exercise place as a Christmas gift to us both. It will help relieve the stress on the joints by doing my walking in the water, etc.

Funny...I'm almost looking past Christmas since I am so excited for January 1 to get here so I can weigh. I actually don't think about it that much (which is surprising in itself) but when I do, I get a bit excited. Never...and I mean never...have I waited one whole month to weigh on any program I've ever done.

I can't decide if that resolve to stay off the scales is what is different or if I've just finally gotten in my right mindset but it really does seem different this time. Whatever it is...I hope it doesn't wear off!

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