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Yes, I do want that fat at the top. But some who have never made broth might wonder what that stuff is at the top of the broth, and some might not want it so I just explained how to get rid of it most efficiently.

I went to a local market yesterday and bought a big stewing hen, raised organic and free-roaming, without anti-biotics, etc. I'll just call it a Holy Hen. Anyway, today I'm going to stew that girl and make myself a nice big pot of soup. It's cold outside and I want something hot and comforting. The Holy Hen was expensive. But my health is sooo worth it! I don't spend money on lots of other things, but I will spend on good quality food.

Other than my current feminine hormonal state, I feel really good. Even my cramps don't seem as bad now that I'm eating almost exclusively Paleo. I did go a little nuts with the carb cravings for a couple days and I'm really bloated right now, but not in the usual way. Usually, my hands and feet plus my belly would feel incredibly bloated, and I'd be absolutely knocked out with no energy for two days. But this time, my thighs seem bloated (and I think that's because I've been doing squats and lunges for the first time in a long time) and I have plenty of energy. And very minor cramps. Since moving toward a more Paleo diet, the periods have been decreasingly symptomatic. And that is so cool!

I think I'll combat the minor bloat with extra dandelion greens today.

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