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Welcome, ladies!

ITA Indiblue- I stillplan on getting great tips from the Living Maintenance (and I already have!) but it's nice to have a little something here so that we featherweights don't have to feel like magical disappearing women. LOL I'm excited to talk with you all about the daily struggles, 'cause boy do I have them! And yet it is so motivating (so far) to see myself in the mirror at this weight and wear the clothing I like. I wonder how long the bliss lasts? I'm sure it gets harder when the novelty wears off.

Esofia- Oh abdominal fat...double sigh. Why oh why can't we lose weight like men, and when we're done, eveything goes back where it should?!? I kept trying to go lower and lower in my weight loss, in the hopes that my belly pudge would go down. NOPE. I just kept losing everywhere else. MADDENING. For me, I just don't think I am willing to go down to a ridicuously low body fat % and eat like a body builder to get that flat, ripped tummy.

BUSY day for me. Church, the zoo, groceries and a birthday party. Coffee is beckoning! I probably drink way too much, especially in terms of calories, but that has been my steady treat since the beginning. I stick to sugar-free mochas that are 150 cals or less, and usually have 1 a day. lately, though...I've been having this 2-3 times a day! I still stay within calories, but obviously that means I'm eating less actual food. This time of year is just crazy, but my goal is to stay on plan with calories, even if it is crap-food.

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