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Hi you-all! Back from England at was good in a lot of ways and also had plenty of tiresome moments which I was much too gracious to mention (I really was very polite for 2 weeks and it nearly killed me! the 2 times I was alone with DH walking into town from in laws' house I nearly bit his head off I was so cranky!) It was very hot indeed and there is no A/C and no ceiling fans and we were in a house/hotel in the ATTIC. Trying to all sleep at 11 pm, girls twisting around in hot sheets or else giggling and getting on everyone's nerves...

Put them in their own room last night to sleep & closed door. Ah, paradise!

Ellis, a propos of your first entry on thread (bed with hidden old chocolate) on the plane yesterday when I took the girls on a field trip to the washroom (imagine us all 3 in one! like the staterrom scene in Night at the Opera! never again! what was I thinking!!) I noticed one DD had been sitting on 2 Smarties from the tubes we got to sustain them en route. And I ate them! Without hesitiation.

More later - youngest is awake and wants to chat.

Ellis my dear, I sent you a PM!

I love you all and will be back as soon as I chat to DD and have coffee and throw the first of 10 loads of laundry into the wash...

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