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Yesterday I finished Week 1 of my adventure with WonderSlim. I honestly cannot remember when a diet stressed me less. My plan is to weigh in one month (unless the doctor nixes that today) to see the progress.

Unless it is the freedom from the scales, I really don't understand why this plan has been so less stressful than others. I literally didn't go through the caffeine withdrawal or the cravings and the traditional third and fifth days were like any other. I am trying to follow the "eat every 2-3 hours" regime religiously so perhaps that is a factor.

It may also be that my mindset and attitude were right this time. I do believe that every diet works well with some of the people who use it...maybe this one is my success. I just know this has been easy and "mindless" and I haven't even had the desire to veer from the program.

Gee, maybe I've been overtaken by aliens...LOL
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