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I love to cook, but I don't have the time to cook everyday. So, I cook two or three dishes on weekends (one is always a double batch of soup) and just freeze into portions. Take out a labeled portion of soup for lunch, a portion of something else for dinner. EASY!
I also make my own turkey zucchini meatballs (my daughter loves them), plus tomato sauce, enchilada sauce, homemade frozen burritos, etc when I have the time, freeze it, and pull it out when I need it.
The microwave is my best friend.

When I don't pull out a freezer meal, it's always quick meals I'm making anyway. I also roast almost all of my veggies because it's easy and delicious. Varying styles of pizza - bbq, Thai, Italian, buffalo - on flatout (takes 14 minutes total, most of that is waiting for it to bake), wraps, quick soup, (minute brown) rice and beans, curry, shirataki noodle bowls with whatever veggies I have on-hand, veggies with tomato sauce over quick cooking barley, etc.

I make my time work FOR me, not against me.
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