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Here's a new thread for the Paleo/Primal enthusiasts. I needed one that didn't need to have the title updated every month. Hope we can all flock together here for support.

I had a very non-Paleo weekend and am now suffering the consequences with bloating and achy joints. Stupid gluten/soy/casein/sugar! Makes me cranky and even triggered a small panic-attack the other night when I felt the bloating coming on. I will not be indulging on holiday fare this year. I did just fine without most of it for Thanksgiving and still enjoyed myself!

I have discovered the beauty of bone soups this winter. Love them! Excellent source of calcium for those avoiding legumes and not eating enough of the right veggies. I've also found a really good butcher in Oakland who carries grass-fed red meat and purely pastured poultry. So yummy! It happens to be in a lovely little marketplace with an all-organic produce market right next door. They had some gorgeous dandelion greens that I bought and they were so tasty!

I love eating well. Really, I'm so easy to please when I'm eating this well!

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