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Totally understand the need to have the right time. Regardless of what "experts" might say, dieting is stressful. It requires more planning and thought than just normal everyday functioning in this fast lane world.

Good luck on selling your house. I hope the move is one you eagerly anticipate. Moving can be exciting and fun or downright traumatic.

Lucky for you that you like water. Wish I did! I am trying to change my attitude toward it though and so far, so good. I sincerely doubt that I'm drinking enough just yet but I am drinking water and nothing else so that alone is a MAJOR accomplishment for me.

I keep telling myself that "little" steps will get me there...eventually. Plus, any movement I make in the right direction is better than I have done in the past. So in that respect, I am super optimistic that I am headed for success. I do say that cautiously though since in my past experience I have felt that same way only to derail after a few weeks.

However, I am trying my best to adopt that concept of one-day-at-a-time. There is so much wisdom in that but it is sometimes hard for me to apply to my own life. I can make the lofty long-term goals but it's the day-to-day in the trenches that usually trips me up.

This time I am really trying hard not to look too far ahead but to place my energy on getting through the day at hand. It's the fifth day today (traditionally one of my hardest) and so far that mindset is working for me.

I'm also proud that I haven't stepped on the scales yet since I started. I always say I'll wait a week but then I sneak a peek. Then if the scale reading pleases me, I celebrate...duh...or if it displeases me, I "medicate" the disappointment with food. Either way derails me so this time I'm going to make myself wait a week to weigh.

In fact, in the back of my mind is the thought of waiting an entire month to weigh but I just don't know if I can manage that. It's what I'd really like to do but I just don't know. My weight changes so much due to water retention and health issues that weighing can really sabotage my success. Maybe I could compromise and weigh every 2 weeks? Haven't really decided yet...guess it will depend on how I feel after 1 week of staying off the scale. However, that first weigh-in will set the pattern since I like consistency.
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