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Thank you everyone for the good wishes for my surgery. I will be in the hospital for at least 10 days so if I'm not back by Christmas.....well we won't talk about that!

We still put up a Christmas tree. I have a whole attic full of Christmas decorations. I have 2 artificial trees, a green one and a white one. I alternate between the green and the white, and I have a different color theme each year. So I have boxes up there labeled "red tree" "silver tree" "purple tree", "gold tree" "blue tree" etc. One year I had a "candy tree". The garland looks like gum drops strung on a string. All the ornaments look like candy....candy canes, hard candy, all day suckers, cupcakes, gingerbread house, etc and we made gingerbread men and women and painted them. This year I bought a few more candy ornaments and we are putting up the candy tree since my grandson is now 3 YO, old enough to appreciate it. He will probably try to eat the ornaments. My surgery was originally set for the 16th, which would have put me in the hospital over Christmas. We were not going to decorate at all. But now they moved the surgery up to the 9th, so we will put up the tree. If someone comes to visit I will at least have a tree and cookies. Have to stop at the wine and spirits store for the wine, which I will probably not be allowed to drink. I want to be like Rie, eat drink and be very very merry! LOL

One thing I am looking forward to is seeing the same nurses I had with the first surgery in June. The nurses and aides were so nice and I got attached to some of them, being in there for so long.

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