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Good morning GG's,

Well, days off over ~ back to work today. Four day stretch. I dislike when it gets time to go to bed that last night off ~ knowing that my fun time is over. Hopefully we will have some good days and that I get off on time ~ that makes it a little more tolerable.

Freda ~ unfortunatly it wasn't the management that mandated the removal of my table. It was the surveyors. The table was too close to the door to the stairwell they said and therefore a safety hazzard. So is the copy machine, but there really is no where else on our unit to put that. My boss understood my frustration, but can't do anything to help me. I did find my table later, in the patient dining room, and as long as they leave it there and don't go getting all rediculous and say it can't even be there ~ I can go get it when we have an admission and use it and put it back when I am done.

I've kept trying to think of ways to fit exercise in to my funky schedule. I wish I didn't have to bother, but know I need to, so the quest to find a routine that works for me continues. I tried getting up early, but that was not consistent, because if I did not sleep well during the night, I hated to give up any part of my opportunity to sleep. Trying to do it after work didn't work out either, because I could not count on always being able to get out on time. My latest plan is to break it up into smaller chunks of time. They say that still counts. So, I am going to try to walk 10 minutes in the morning (outside or on the treadmill depending on the weather/temperature) ~ I don't have to get up all that earlier to do that. Then I want to ride my bike for 20 minutes after work. That had made my back hurt before, but I figure if I do it in the evening, then will be going to bed after while, the rest will take my back ache away. If it is raining, in the evening, or too hot, maybe I can do the time on the treadmill or something.

I wasn't planning on starting with the exercise today, but all of a sudden ~ had a few spare minutes and wanted to. I probably looked kind of silly ~ but I don't care. Put on a jacket (over my jammies walking shoes, had a little radio to listen to and set the timer (it was sprinking, so I used an umbrella) and circled around my driveway for the 10 minutes. I did it this way because, I felt that if my legs/knees started hurting too bad, I wouldn't be far from home if I needed to stop.

I am looking forward to the bike ride tonight (and feel like even if I get out late ~ I could still fit in 20 minutes). There are Christmas lights up around the neighborhood (it is dark by the time I get home) and some of the little side streets even have it set up to where there is Christmas music playing.

Ok, fun time is over ~ gotta head out to work. Thank you all for listening to/reading my ramblings.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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