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Good Morning GG's

Worked all weekend. It was one of the better ones. Nothing much went down and i actually got to do some good. Sometimes I get remineded why I became a nurse. One thing did happen that was kind of yucky/funny. we were sitting at the desk charting, and one of the physical therapist was standing in the door talking to us and one of the patients son, around 50 probably, came up behind her and put her arms around her, called her baby, and kissed her on the ear. we thought she knew him, untill we saw the "deer in the headlights" look on her face. My, he did now know who he was dealing with, a bunch of "old" nurses! I bet he doesn't try that again any time soon! Too funny!

Rie, Hope your DD is doing ok. It's hard on anyone, to find out that they have serious medical problems, but especially Older independant men like him. Some times losing weight will help with the sleep apnea, but not always. My brother is very fit, exercises 5 days a week, and still had to go on Cpap.

Karen, Hope your little one is doing ok. My Benny, in one of his wild moments, was running around and hurt his leg and limped for a week. He forgets he is an old guy sometimes. Kind of like me. Some days I feel every moment of my age and sometimes I forget how old I really am. I'm supposed to be the older, wiser, next generation? Heaven help us all!!!

Red, I'm so glad to hear that you are still not smoking. My mom smoked for 50 years and she was a chain smoker. Quit cold turkey and now she is one of those reformed smokers who thinks it smells terrible and is just "so messy".

Gail, How adorable your little GD is. And good for you for finding something to enjoy, instead of eating, in your free time. I so agree that management needs to work on the floor, or at least ask someone who does, before they change policy. Some of the things that they come up with, we just look at each other and laugh!

Karenfl, I had a teacher in nursing school like your HN. We all hated her, she was so MEAN! But she would give us what she called "love notes" which was actually information that I kept in a note book and used for years. It would still be valid today. She upset me so badly one day when she commented that I would never make it as a nurse. The comment was made because I had to go pee very quickly as soon as class was over. I can remember that now, when I go for hours with no time for a bathroom break.

Isabell, Have a safe trip. I'm very reluctant to see you go, remembering that you disapeared for months the last time. Stay in touch, and have fun.

Donna, Now you know why we exercise. It just makes you feel better. if I go too long between workouts I get so stiff and weak. Have you gotten up to your goal of 3 min. yet? Are you back to 100% yet?

Z, The twinnies are getting so big. And so handsome! I love, love my pre-lit tree. The kids were over last week and we had the tree decorating party. Just the traditional hot chocolate and cookies. My tree is not one of the beautifullly decorated ones. I have some really beautiful, expensive ornaments right in there with the marshmallow men that the kids made, and one that my son made in kindergarden. Handpainted projects that they have done also. Makes it very interesting.

Everyone, have a good day,


Chicka, I love the croched snowflakes. I have a tree full that I made years ago. When my fingers were still able to hold that little needle and thead. I should have continued to crochet and maybe my fingers wouldn't have gotten so stiff! Mine need to be restarched, they are getting a little limp. They are really pretty with a little glitter sprinkled on too.

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