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We didn't sleep well last night. Zoe, We were thinking about all the changes we've had in our lives starting the past few years (esp since 2007). Joe has had a lot on his plate (and therefore on mine too!)...the house issue, his broken leg (still not quite the same), his eye problem and now this house again big time..the fact that our own house needs so much repair and yes even our good neighbors leaving. I think it is all taken a toll on him. And we know we may have to make some decisions about our own housing before long. And so much depends on what happens with the house in AZ. Our son has no clue....

But its way too easy to focus on the problems, isn't it? And I guess these are things old people talk about. But after we had talked a while we began to count our blessings, focus on what we have, not what we don't have and that we are together and mostly healthy and to think of the way things may actually turn out positively with the house etc. So we came full circle and ended up thanking God and feeling happy before peacefully falling asleep sometime after three am. We overslept and didn't get to church but we do have a service esp for seniors tonight and plan to go to that.

We finished decorating the house and tree today and it looks nice. No presents under it yet. Not sure we are buying for each other this year as we both realized we don't really need anything that we could afford to buy each other anyway. Maybe we'll shop together after the holiday and find something or maybe we'll just save the money for something big we'll enjoy more later on. We are hoping our oldest son will be here Christmas Eve so I'll wrap their gifts and put them under the tree.

Rie - Sounds like you had a good time...sometimes good times are worth paying for a little the next day! LOL Our car is a Ford and the check engine line comes on and off. Yes I think that's what it was, the oxygen sensor before but this time that hasn't helped. But it's been doing this for years now and so far still runs fine.

Chick - GFY having pre-cooked meals in your freezer. Always wanted to do that when I worked and I did sometimes but mostly never managed it, but it's such a good idea. How's your hand? Hope it's healing ok.

Slmn - I don't think eggs are that bad...I say most foods are fine in moderation. I eat 2 or 3 a week not counting what I occasionally put in recipes. Sometimes I use one whole egg with a couple whites but not always. I don't eat hard boiled eggs much just because I'm too lazy. Seems easier to break and scramble to me. I also use the butter-flavored spray or a little bit of Smart Balance to cook them in.

Hi to everyone I missed, and I hope you all have a good evening!

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