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Hello Everyone!

Well, yesterday at the tournament, I ate, drank (to excess) and was very, very, Merry! Today my aching back and knees are reminding me that 12 hours+ on my feet and playing was a lot. I am pretending that the cheeseburger and onion rings (you know - good ole greasy hand made giant burgers with the works) just didn't exist. Also, the multiple glasses of wine that I consumed. I ran a doubles tourney then a singles and had a good time. The counts aren't in yet but we are clearly over $1000 in money and toys that we raised. In a couple days we will take pictures to publish in the regional pool magazine.

I don't know anything about dad today. Radio silence from that corner. I am just going to try to accept it and let it ride for a while.

Chickadee, we have blustery wind and fine powdery snow on the ground. It is really cold. I need a couple things at the store but I don't have the heart to make ds go this morning. I really liked the snowflake things. So cute!

Donna, I am glad that you are feeling better! Over a year ago, the drs told me that my knee had to be replaced and very soon. They encouraged me to work out to get stronger so it would be more successful. A year later I can walk for 2 hours at a time and work out. I sometimes have really bad days, still, but the excercise really helps me. I think your routine is helping the muscles and the stiffness of the joint. I am so glad!

CaddyKaren, I hope that your little sweetie is better soon! It is so hard because they don't speak english :

Karen, I loved the Miss Ott story! How was the parade? And what, exactly is pasta salad on a stick?

Gayle, I am glad that you have a little christmas tree. I didn't put one up one year and I regretted it. Good job on having new routines when your dh is gone. You are making fantastic progress!

Rosey, what did the surgeon say! Sometimes I think about the surgery but I plan to wait a couple years after I get to goal. I still have a long way to go. My arms bother me more than anything else but I will have to wait and see. I hear that the arm scars are pretty excessive so it is a difficult decision.

Marie, it is football day! I really want to take a walk outside despite the bitter cold. I just think that I would feel better if I would move some this morning. But, then again, I hear the pregame show on in the other room .

Isabella, Safe Travels!

Red, I am also interested in what folks over their think of us. There is lots of talk over here about that.

Carol, I know that you are scared but it is so great that you will be able to have the surgery soon. One more step on getting back to normal!

Lynn, your story reminded me of my gma and her ability to take care of problem service people. She would put on her best "little old lady" demeanor, stand in a public spot within the business, and just shame them into giving her a good deal. I used to marvel at her ability. Of course, she always kept me in reserve (the loud, trouble making, don't-you-mess-with-my-little-gma voice) She was so funny! Complain away!

BTW all, the "check engine" light, is not always something serious. Most often, it is related to the gass cap, or something simple like the oxygen sensors. On fords, especially, it is not something to worry about. If the light comes on, then goes off, then comes on again, it is concerning. But if the light comes on and stays on, make them show you a diagnostic report before you allow them to do any work. The best strategy is to get the diagnostic report at one place and always do the repairs somewhere else. (speaks the former race car driver )

I am so sorry about everyone that I am missing this morning. Just really tired and I need to get the pictures from the tourney edited and posted on FB. I will be back later.

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