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Hokay. Stayed under 1200 calories all week, and had 40+ grams of fiber every day. Yesterday's calories were only 847 because I didn't have breakfast, but will probably end up on the high side today because I made us some blueberry buckwheat (high fiber, tho...) pancakes with turkey sausage for brekkie this morning. Used SF maple syrup. I can't say what weight I might have lost (ate right for a week - big deal, right?) because I shall NOT step on the scale until it seems likely that I won't be devastated with what it has to report.

Oh, yeah, K3. Too young-looking to retire, eh? Not happening, trust me. I'm sure they can't wait for me to leave so they can bring in two people for what they pay me. That's the problem with older, long term employees....merit raises every year and then it's no longer cost-effective to keep them. S'okay by me - I can't wait to wave goodbye! There's a group of women I eat lunch with when I'm in the office, and I'll likely have lunch with them every two or three months, but the rest of that operation can't be history soon enough for me!

Gayle, last year we did the artsy, all-bare-branch tree made from twist big branches that we found out in the woods. Twined little white globe lights all through it, a couple of gold bead garlands and a few big, bold ornaments and called it a day. WE loved it, but the kids didn't, so this year we went a little more traditional. I found a tall, narrow pre-lit (all little white lights) "pencil" tree at Target, and we've got it done up in gold and bronze ornaments. It's pretty, but you know me...I prefer being different, so although I like this one well enough, I truly loved last year's. Oh, ADORABLE pics of your lil' grandbaby! What a cutie-patootie she is!

Oh, Carol Sue - good luck with the surgery! I hope all goes well for you!

Isabella - I know you're enjoying your visit with "Boo". If I recall correctly, he's about the same age as my lil' twinnies?

Mary, having your neighbors move after so many years of closeness must be very hard to deal with. I've really begun to see that life is about change...some changes come quickly, others evolve over time, but nothing ever stays just the same. For some reason, all of us human beings like to find our own little niche where we can be comfortable...and then we get so comfortable with it that change is a real challenge. I'm sort of leaning towards change as change - neither good nor bad, just different.

Red, I'm pretty appalled at what young people are doing to themselves, as well...the pill popping, the all night (all weekend?) raves on the college campuses...and just some of the pictures I see them post on FB...I've always been something of a rebel myself, but take some degree of comfort in feeling that our generation (mine - I came of age in the 60's) rebelled against valid social problems - the draft, segregation, etc. Now, young people just seem to be behaving like animals simply because they lack any concrete values that might translate into meaningful protest. I guess that's why I am sympathetic to the Occupy movement - they're protesting against real inequities in society and 99% of the wealth being in the hands of 1% of the population who continue to manipulate the system to gain more for themselves and take more away from the middle class. I don't honestly see how any of us 99%'ers can find fault with protesting that! Oh - about smoking. Yeah. It's about health. The years I smoked have definitely led to these annual bouts of bronchitis that I'm plagued with. Perhaps I'm lucky I stopped when I did and it's bronchitis and not lung cancer?

SO sorry about Blizzie, Marie! Oh it's so hard watching animals that we love suffer with health problems! I hope that your weekend with your little Maddie at least cheered you up a teensy bit.
Oh, and poor Sissie, CaddyK! Thank goodness these pets of ours have such good "mommies".

Tummy tuck, Rosey? <perk> Any chance that doctor would do two for the price of one? I'd be glad to pay my own way to Alaska!

Snow, PT????? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nooooooooooooooo. Please say that it won't move eastward!

OMgosh, K3! Those baked apples sound awesome!!!!!! I'm going to definitely be trying those! (Yum!)

Great idea for your dad's Christmas gift, Val....more even, than the games themselves is the inherent promise of spending time with him playing them. Very thoughtful and perfect, really. You are a lovely daughter indeed!

Freda, every year my daughter and her bff gather their husbands and children together and take them out caroling. They always make our house their last stop because I have cocoa and goodies for them, and always give each of them a little gift bag with candy and little stocking stuffer kinds of things in them. Never any trouble with the girls...they are 9, 10, and 11, and love little bangle bracelets and little lip glosses and such. The boys, though (except for the twinnies, of course) are 9, 11 and 12, and what on earth can I put in their little bags? I'm clueless! So, I sure do know what you're talking about with growing-up grandsons.

Oboy, that stinks about the car repair bill, Lynn. Hope that's the end of it!

Okay, here are a few pics...this year's Christmas tree, and the twinnies playing with dh ...trying on his costume hat, playing the drums in the den, and "riding" in the clothes dryer (NO, we don't turn it on with them in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just like sitting up in there - we have the stackable washer & dryer and the dryer is on top)

Have a good day, GG's!


Okay...PS...I'll put the pics on FB. It's just too hard to get them all resized to post here. Grrrrrr.

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