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Morning turtles:

Judy - I'm doing fine and feeling abit better, but still have a terrible cough
but getting better each day. To be under 180# but the New Year would be awesome, keep up your good work & you will get there for sure.

Lots - nice nvs with the jeans, you must be pumped about that. Little surprises like that really give us that little extra push we all need. Keep it

Princess - glad to hear your first day at work went well, that is always a blessing and bonus for the extra walking (silver lining)

Taylor - you enjoying our sunny day! It is gorgeous out there today so
enjoy while we can.

Loose Seal - Welcome to our group! I am sure you will find lots of support and tips here, great group of ladies here. Where are you from?

As for myself, still dealing with this awful cough but on the move & getting things done. I turtled once again this week & can't complain since the Christmas goodies & outtings have started. Trying to be good but ever now & then something gets past my lips & we all know too much will land on your hips.

Well, my kitchen blinds are up & I organized some things and have less clutter which is nice.

My dd is coming home for the night so will visit with her for awhile before she heads outs with her friends. Always nice having her here & thankful she lives
close enough to come home often.

Tomorrow - is going to tree day & once that is done, then I really feel Christmassey.

All - have a great weekend and hopefully we can keep in control most of the time but enjoy ourselves along the way.
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