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First day's observation of this program:

(1) The shaker bottle is wonderful! Anyone who uses a powdered shake for any diet should invest in one of the WS shaker bottles. I can't believe how much better it is than anything I've ever leakage, no dried spots of powder in the drink, and easy to drink from. Wish I'd known about this shaker when I was on Medifast.

(2) I never had any problems with the taste of Medifast but I have to admit, these flavors are more least the ones I have tried. They have a richer, fuller taste and don't taste as though they are missing an ingredient.

First day was a success. Time will tell if I can stick with this but my first impression is that this program has the best of several programs I have tried. On each of them I had success for a time so I'll plunge ahead in this one expecting good results.

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