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Hi Turtles,
Taylor, I think you're smart to get your exercise in. You may very well cut your recovery time. You're young and healthy and you're in great shape.
Glad you liked my "couchie" comment. I tend to shorten things. Lol. You're doing great. I've made the Diet Coke cake too and think it's good.
Also, Fresca or Diet Sprite or any Light colored Diet drink with white cake mix or yellow cake mix works great too. Another favorite of mine is the angelfood cake mixed with only a can of pineapple (crushed and in its own juice). That usually works out to three points per serving and it's yummy.

Princess, good luck on your new job. My guess is that food wasn't easy this last week when you tried to get everything done when you knew you'd be back at work. I know how you are and the food will get under control with your new routine.

Terri, I hope you get some nice rest soon. A cookie exchange is a great idea. I'm putting off baking cookies until the very last minute. They are a huge temptation to me.

Cherry, congrats again on a good OP week. Weigh to go! :

Bandit, how are you doing? I am determined to get another pound off before our Biggest Loser Challenge deadline. I know I can do it. (My secret challenge to myself is to be 179# on Jan. 1st. That may be too much of a stretch since there are so many "holidays" inbetween now and then)

Life4evr, Seal, Jar, how are you guys doing?

Good luck to all of us!
234.6/185/179 and thinner

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