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Default A Commitment, Not a Whim; Today I Started WonderSlim

As the adage says, "Every journey begins with a single step."

My newest weight-loss journey began this morning. I discovered WonderSlim quite by accident as I was reviewing other programs I had done in the past with varying levels of success. This WonderSlim program appears to have blended several features of different programs that I liked. I feel as though I selected the parts I like best about each and someone combined it for me into this program.

Time will tell, of course. I have a long journey ahead and yes, I am aware that my lifestyle will change forever. However, I am intending to use this as a means to lose the weight and then transfer to a different approach for maintenance. My husband and I are both retired and one of the goals I have in mind is for us to be able to travel more once I am at a healthier weight. Toward that end I want to switch to a program which will not demand my packing my own supplies when I travel.

Again, that's a long way off but I didn't want to mislead anyone at the onset of my journey. My "destination" on WonderSlim is to leave my super-morbidly obese status behind forever regardless of the length of time it takes. I am on no particular time table and fully realize that this is going to take a considerable amount of time. My primary goal is to get healthier.

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