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Hi everyone. I am brand new here, having just this minute signed up!
I need some moral support and maybe also some educational help.
I am Bobbi, age 62, married, retired after working just about all my life.
I was always a sedentary person. Never worked that hard at anything!
I spent 13 years in the Navy and that point in my life was probably when I was in the best shape I ever was in (and it wasn't all that good then lol).
Anyway, over the past two years, this weight has crept up on me insidiously. I literally ignored it, and now I find myself weighing 185! I am 5'6.5", shrunk from 5'8". I have never weighed this much! I hate it! My tummy is huge and my knees hurt from the weight and I am tired all the time.
Okay, well on to the plan. I am going to start some kind of diet on Monday. I have a target date because today or tomorrow I am expecting to receive my Gazelle Edge I ordered (aerobic work out thingee) and I want to start fresh.
I quit smoking one month ago, using a target date and that seems to work for me.
I find the quitting smoking rather easier than I had anticipated it would be. I use the nicotine replacement but now less and less and I am proud of myself. I smoked for 46 years!
I figure this weight loss thing will be MUCH harder for me! I will do it though!!! I will!
My mother died at the age of 78 weighing 500 plus #s mostly due to her obesity and breathing and heart troubles from it, and my sister is following her footsteps with 350 plus#s at age 48.
I refuse to have that happen to me!!!
So, I guess I am just introducing myself and hoping to make some friends and find some support here.
Any suggestions for a diet would help, but I figure if I cut out the goodies (which I eat ALOT of) and just cut the sugars, and watch the fattening stuff, I should be all right...I think LOL!
I plan to use my new Gazelle, several times a day and every day, because right now I don't get ANY exercise, so I figure any moving around is good.
Thanks for reading.
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